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General Produce is constantly evolving to stay ahead of our changing industry and marketplace. That’s no easy feat for a company of our size. It takes a united team of experienced individuals with vision, passion and the belief that today’s decisions will bring tomorrow’s benefits for each client we serve. We’re proud to introduce you to that team.

Jeff Sacchini


Tony Calleja


Clifford Rubens

Vice President of Operations

Traci Ennis

Vice President of Procurement

Jason Edeliant

Director of Human Resources & Safety

Brian Hamilton

Director of Operations

Lien Cooc


Sharon Schommer

Director of Customer Service

Linda Luka

Director of Marketing and Communications

Todd Achondo

Director of Retail Sales

Dan Achondo, Jr.

Retail Business Development Manager

Nick McKenzie

Export Manager

Sam Rodante

Information Technology Manager

Jake Hanson

Food Safety Quality Assurance Manager

Sergiy Porichukov

Customer Service Manager

Zach Langford

Day Warehouse Manager

Gina Backovich

Inventory Control Manager

Ray Hoskins

Retail Specialist

Max Johnson

Transportation Manager

Jeff Meigs

Night Warehouse Manager