Stake­holder Responsibility

Gen­eral Pro­duce is com­mit­ted to improv­ing our envi­ron­ment, the longevity of our grow­ers, the well-​being of our employ­ees, and to our own cor­po­rate and social stew­ard­ship. We believe that there is a clear con­nec­tion between the health and prof­itabil­ity of our com­pany and the gen­eral well-​being of the com­mu­nity in which we do busi­ness. Our suc­cess as a com­pany relies on the good works and part­ner­ships of those rela­tion­ships we nurture.

Our demon­strated lead­er­ship and keys to achieve sus­tain­able growth hap­pens by:

  • Under­stand­ing that every employee is a stake­holder in sustainability
  • Cre­at­ing a cul­ture of sus­tain­abil­ity and awareness
  • Hav­ing a strate­gic approach to sus­tain­abil­ity efforts
  • Mea­sur­ing what we manage
  • Address­ing the needs of our grower part­ners & ven­dor community
  • Improv­ing energy use, reduc­ing waste and recy­cling materials
  • Pro­vid­ing a safe work envi­ron­ment & healthy liv­ing stan­dard for our employees
  • Com­mit­ted, con­tin­u­ous improve­ment in all areas of our business–
  • Peo­ple, Planet & Performance