Local Grow­ers

Fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles have a per­sonal and dis­tinc­tive place of ori­gin.

Inde­pen­dent & small scale fam­ily farms con­tribute to our regional abun­dance and land­scape with a wide vari­ety of fresh, peak of sea­son pro­duce.

Check out some of our notable farmer pro­files to see who’s grow­ing your food.



Greek immi­grant broth­ers Nicholas, Charles and William Decas started the com­pany in 1934. Today, in their eighth decade, Decas is still a fam­ily owned busi­ness, sell­ing cran­berry prod­ucts around the world.

They’ve built their rep­u­ta­tion as The Cran­berry Ingre­di­ent Experts. The Decas fam­ily has exper­tise in every aspect of cran­berry grow­ing, pro­cess­ing and mar­ket­ing. With over 450 acres of cran­berry bogs in Mass­a­chu­setts and con­tract­ing with over 150 inde­pen­dent grow­ers through­out the US and Canada, Decas is the sec­ond largest cran­berry com­pany in the world.

Over 60 mil­lion pounds of cran­ber­ries are now processed and sold by Decas in over 35 coun­tries world­wide. Decas’ state of the art pro­cess­ing facil­i­ties in Carver, MA, pro­duce a full line of cran­berry prod­ucts, includ­ing: cran­berry con­cen­trate, sweet­ened dried cran­ber­ries, and fresh whole cranberries.