Local Grow­ers

Fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles have a per­sonal and dis­tinc­tive place of ori­gin.

Inde­pen­dent & small scale fam­ily farms con­tribute to our regional abun­dance and land­scape with a wide vari­ety of fresh, peak of sea­son pro­duce.

Check out some of our notable farmer pro­files to see who’s grow­ing your food.



Jacobs, Mal­colm & Burtt (JMB) has been in busi­ness for more than 125 years. The com­pany started out sell­ing pro­duce whole­sale in the Pro­duce Mar­kets of San Fran­cisco. Leo Rolan­delli pur­chased JMB in 1963 and has sold pro­duce for the past 50 years. Dur­ing the 70’s Leo started work­ing with aspara­gus grow­ers to develop the aspara­gus indus­try. Since then, aspara­gus has become the major­ity of JMB’s business.

In 2012, JMB sold its whole­sale pro­duce busi­ness in the San Fran­cisco Pro­duce Mar­ket to con­cen­trate on its bro­ker­age busi­ness. It cur­rently sells aspara­gus, mel­ons, and pome­gran­ates.

JMB and the suc­cess of its grow­ers has been built on a part­ner­ship based on what each is good at: the grower pro­duc­ing a qual­ity crop and JMB sell­ing at a price that pro­vides the most money back to the grower. JMB pro­vides grow­ers with funds to enable them to develop and plant fields, build pack­ing sheds and cold stor­age facil­i­ties and buy equip­ment. By part­ner­ing with grow­ers, instead of grow­ing, JMB is able to return money back to the local econ­omy of the grower.