Local Grow­ers

Fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles have a per­sonal and dis­tinc­tive place of ori­gin.

Inde­pen­dent & small scale fam­ily farms con­tribute to our regional abun­dance and land­scape with a wide vari­ety of fresh, peak of sea­son pro­duce.

Check out some of our notable farmer pro­files to see who’s grow­ing your food.

Adobe Creek Orchards

Adobe Creek Orchards

Ken Barr made the deci­sion to buy his own pack­ing shed in 1989. He wanted to have bet­ter con­trol over the grow­ing, pack­ing and ship­ping of his Lake County pears. He left the com­fort zone of a grower coop­er­a­tive and took on the respon­si­bil­ity of pack­ing and ship­ping his pears.

A small shed owned by the Kelseyville Pack­ing Com­pany was pur­chased and Adobe Creek Orchards was born. Ken felt that by plant­ing the orchards, rais­ing the trees, tak­ing care of the fruit, pick­ing the fruit and then hav­ing con­trol of the pack­ing and ship­ping put him in a very spe­cial and unique posi­tion. He was and still is one of the very few who can lay claim to this farm­ing accomplishment.

In 1990, Ken joined forces with his brother, John Barr and busi­ness part­ner, Broc Zoller and formed Adobe Creek Pack­ing Co., Inc. They each came to the busi­ness with their own spe­cial tal­ents. Ken con­trolled the orchards, John had the mechan­i­cal knowl­edge of run­ning pack­ing sheds, and Broc, (The Pear Doc­tor) is trained as a plant pathol­o­gist & pest con­trol advi­sor. John Barr passed away in 1996 and Broc retired in 2007; Ken con­tin­ues to grow, plant, har­vest, pack and ship the best of Lake County pears. This includes Bartlett, Star Crim­son, Rosi Red, Bosc and Golden Rus­set Bosc. Enjoy sea­sonal pears from Adobe Creek!