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Fresh fruits and veg­eta­bles have a per­sonal and dis­tinc­tive place of ori­gin.

Inde­pen­dent & small scale fam­ily farms con­tribute to our regional abun­dance and land­scape with a wide vari­ety of fresh, peak of sea­son pro­duce.

Check out some of our notable farmer pro­files to see who’s grow­ing your food.

Bolthouse Farms

Bolt­house Farms

Bolt­house Farms is a 4th gen­er­a­tion fam­ily farm, located in California’s fer­tile San Joaquin Val­ley. The Bolt­house fam­ily started com­mer­cial veg­etable farm­ing in west­ern Michi­gan. They con­tin­u­ally improved veg­etable vari­etis and made advances from field pack­ing cel­ery to stor­ing onions for off-​season sup­ply. The veg­eta­bles grown on the fam­ily farm were sold to local can­ner­ies, includ­ing com­pa­nies like Ger­ber Prod­ucts, The Camp­bell Soup Com­pany, and H.J. Heinz.

By 1950, Bolt­house Farms was a lead­ing sup­plier of car­rots to Mid­west proces­sors. In 1990, William J. Bolt­house intro­duced Short­cuts, car­rots that were cut, peeled and ready-​to-​eat. Demand soared and addi­tional plants were added. The com­pany added juices and juice mix­tures to its lineup after demand by Japan. Addi­tion­ally, Bolt­house packs organ­i­cally grown car­rots under the Earth­bound Farm label.

In 2015, they devel­oped a line of cold-​pressed & organic juices called 1915. 1915 prod­ucts are made only with high-​pressure pro­cess­ing which helps pre­serve the nutri­ents of the juice. The name 1915 is a nod back to sim­pler times, prov­ing that the Bolt­house Farms tra­di­tion con­tin­ues today along with inno­va­tion, fresh­ness, health, con­ve­nience, and value.

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